December 5, 2017

What clients are saying.

Taking dance lessons with Debra was one of the most memorable events leading up to our wedding. Debra made the experience so fun and stress free! Our first dance was beyond perfect and it will be a memory we cherish forever. Thanks to Debra we danced the night away with our guests feeling prepared and comfortable! Thank you Debra!!!
Kimberly & Erik Frank

Hi Debra!
It did rain on our wedding day so we spent the morning getting matching umbrellas. Luckily during the ceremony it was only a light sprinkle, so we were able to do the ceremony outside. When the pastor pronounced us, it began coming down hard so it worked out perfectly. Thank you for everything, we rocked our dance pretty well and the audience loved the “sass”.
Jennifer & Jeremy

Thank you for our dance lessons! We had such a great time taking our lessons with you in September, and our first dance as husband & wife would not have been what it was without your help. We had such a blast dancing our first dance! We wanted to share the video coverage with you…
Matt & Alyssa

Miss Endres, thank you so very much for making my girls feel comfortable and for the lessons you gave me. I am positive that with your help, our wedding performance will be much better than the girls expected. Thank you again and good luck in your upcoming competition. Thank you.
Scott R., Fort Collins, Co

Dear Debra, Thank you for your gift of dance. It was a real treat learning from you, and I’ll be forever grateful. You have a marvelous skill for instructing. Best of luck in your future and in your competitions. Patrice and I are already plotting to have you come to Port Angeles, next year.
Nels and Patrice, Fort Collins, CO

I really enjoy taking classes with you. You are so positive, patient & encouraging when you teach. I never sense any judgement towards students who are just learning to dance or if a person is having trouble picking up a new dance step. Your passion for dancing comes through so strongly. Thank you for sharing your love of dancing! With appreciation.
Carol O – Ft Collins CO

I want to thank you, thank you , thank you for the wonderful lessons you gave Lindsey and Ryan so they could perform their romantic and captivating dance on their wedding night! It was magnificent and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!! Ryan was soooooooo confident and Lindsey was stunning as she radiated with beauty as he moved her gracefully around the dance floor. They were a delight to watch and they both felt so good about it. It was a great investment to make a wonderful memory for them. Thank you sooooooooo much! God bless you.
Shelly D, Fort Collins, CO

Our dance went amazing!!! Thank you!
Tracy Z, – Fort Collins, CO

I decided to take dance lessons as a surprise for my wife, and I was a bit nervous as I had never had danced or taken lessons before. I found Debra after performing a search for dance lessons in northern Colorado and decided to request private lessons. I am so glad I did! Debra is a fantastic dance teacher that clearly is passionate about sharing her talent of dance with others. My impression with Debra is that she is without doubt an authority in dancing and teaching proper technique. She did a wonderful job of explaining dance steps and moves in a way I could understand and she was receptive to tailoring the lesson to accommodate my thoughts as to the best ways for me to learn. I feel that I have a good, solid foundation on the particular styles of dance I was instructed in and I now have the confidence to hit the dance floor. I look forward to enjoying the new skills I have and learning more. Thanks Debra!
Corey Gibson – Denver/Seattle, WA

I dance competitively as well as socially, and have taken classes, workshops and private lessons from many dance instructors in the Northern Colorado area and around the country. Debra is one of the best instructors that I have encountered. She is very knowledgeable, and her attitude is always friendly, warm, energetic and enthusiastic. Whether you’re an advanced dancer, or just setting foot on a dance floor for the first time, Debra is always very patient and encouraging. She makes it fun to learn how to dance! I highly recommend that you give her classes a try.
Jeff Cook, Fort Collins, CO

“Deb is terrific! She is vivacious, fun, and an excellent dancer – best of all, she is a great teacher! Deb makes learning to dance fun and easy – repeating the steps in simple combinations until you are ready to move on. She also takes the time to arrange dances, so that you get a chance to try out your new “moves” with other people that are learning to dance. If you’ve always wanted to learn to dance, don’t be afraid – try it! You’ll be glad you did!
Bob & Mari Sullivan. CO

I’m drawn to your classes for several reasons. Your teaching style is so non-judgmental, so positive and filled with enthusiasm and humor. You are quick to provide hands-on experience dancing with me, with all of us – and the corrections you make are always suggested rather than required. Your objective seems focused on helping me become a better dancer, a more successful dancer. I look forward to classes because they are fun, they have a variety of wonderful participants and I learn something new each session. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically encourage people to try your classes – and I’ll continue to do so!
Tom Rowland, Happenstance Collectibles, Loveland, CO

To all interested dance students. My wife and I have taken dance from a few different instructors and Debra has been one of the better instructors. She takes time to work with all of her students and recognizes that some are different styles of learners and will modify her techniques so as to be in tune (no pun intended) with how they learn. She will have partners switch which aids both the lead and the follower in recognizing different signals for different maneuvers. She is patient and also makes class fun, one of my regrets is that the classes are too short, and that my wife and I are unable to make enough time together to enjoy the dances we have been taught. I would recommend Debra as a dance instructor to all who want to learn to be better dancers and hopefully you can make the time to enjoy the dances that you learn from her.
Ron Heil , CO

Since sixth grade I dreamed of candlelight Cotillions. My dream came true when my husband and I signed up for instruction with Debra Endres in anticipation of our 25th anniversary. Under Debra’s excellent tutelage and encouraged by her infectious smile that sets the dance floor aglow we continue to learn. Over the course of a year, my husband gained confidence in leading and I’ve learned to trust enough to follow. Rotating partners helped with our techniques. We were surprised by one anothers improvement when we rotated back together. Enrolling in dance classes has provided us with new acquaintances, affordable fun date nights, and a new activity we enjoy together. Since we can’t decide which dance is our favorite, we may have to try them all.
Roxane Mercer, CO

Fabulous classes — they just end too soon! We thoroughly enjoy learning from you.
Doug & Sandy Newlin, CO

Thank you so much for creating space for people to come together & celebrate life through dance. You & your partner have such great energy both individually & together. I look forward to participating in this function once a month seeing that
it is vital in bringing happiness into my life at this time. Again thank you so much for what you do for the community.
Sandy Duran, CO