Level 2/3 – West Coast Swing

September 13, 2017 @ 8:15 pm – 9:15 pm
Loveland Athletic Club
1000 S Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80537
Debra Endres

West Coast Swing:
 More than a pattern it’s a Conversation!

WCS  on Wednesday: Level 2 and 3
8:15 pm-9:15pm:  for singles and couples, no partner needed. Come at 8:00pm for warm up dancing.

Level 2/3 West Coast Swing –  This class is for those who have been dancing WCS and understand the following patterns: sugar push, right side pass, left side pass, and whip. If it’s been a while since you’ve danced this dance you may want to brush up with a private lesson first before this class. Or take the 7:00p class.   We will use isolation and drill exercises to build on dance technique along with a new pattern for practice.  Come and join the fun!

I am excited to share with you my training from various workshops from the past year.  Each class we will engage in dance technique and fundamentals through exercises  and drills. Understanding: stretch and connection, momentum and control, musicality, styling up your basics, footwork power, re-directions and traveling moves and developing good dance flow and of course fun patterns.

Explanation of dance level ability:

Intro to WCS is Level 1: No experience needed.   this is a dancer with no previous dance instruction. You will concentrate on learning the basic patterns and lead/follow.  When more information is given do the best you can but during our practice time you should keep reviewing the starter pattern in order to become more confident with it. Patterns covered:  Basic rhythm, Sugar Push, Left Side Pass, Right Side Pass, Starter Step Basic, Basic Whip, Basket Whip with an understanding of  4, 6, and 8 count rhythms. This is a great time for practice!

Beyond Basics is Level 2:  Some experience expected.  A  dancer that has had some previous training and has knowledge of Lead/Follow, connection, timing and footwork of the 7 basic WCS patterns.    You will want to work on more  pattern variations, developing a stronger understanding of connection, rhythm and partnering and technique.

Challenging Level 3:  Expanding your dance.  Has experience in leading/following different patterns. When the class moves along you should be able to understand the concepts presented. You will learn new patterns and how to perfect your technique and how to bring ‘conversation’ into the dance.  You should be practicing flow and continuity in your dancing.  Learning multiple styles of dance will elevate your dancing more quickly.

Location:  Loveland Athletic Club: 1000 S Lincoln Ave., Loveland – we dance in a large Dance Room in the back. Do not sign in at the front desk. Just follow the carpet to the right.

Sign In:  You will sign in by the Dance Room and pay there.

Fee: $8pp per class. (cash or CC with fee) no pre registration is necessary, drop-in allowed

Drop in classes – It’s best to attend all classes for gaining all the info but drop ins are allowable.  In each class I go over the Intro pattern and timing. If you don’t have any prior experience you may become frustrated.  This is when a private lesson would benefit.

Come with a partner or come as a single.  We will rotate partners which helps in your learning.  Invite others. You will have time to practice with your dance partner.

Attire: Clothing: Clean, casual and comfortable. Shoes: dance shoes, or shoes you can easily move in.

Get your happy feet inspired!!


 Join us we’re having a BLAST!!

Feel free to contact me:
Debra Endres

Open to the public – Friday Night Dances
FC Dances are on Friday night. These are practice dance nights open to the public and you do not need to belong to the club to join us. Just sign in at the front desk and go to the large Yoga room.

My friends Carol and Fred Fuller and Laura and Jim and I offer FC Dances on 4 Fridays of the month for you to practice your dancing. Each dance offers a group lesson at 7pm then the dance 8-10pm.

1st and 3rd Friday:  West Coast Swing music
2nd Friday: Mostly Country music
4th Friday:  WCS Blues Mix music

Fee: $10pp at the door in the Yoga room (not at front desk, just sign in here)
Location: FC Club – 1307 East Prospect Road , Fort Collins, CO (on Prospect between Timberline and Lemay)

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