December 5, 2017

Competition Info

Dance competitions are a productive way to speed up your learning.  It all can be very confusing so I wanted to explain the different ways in which a dancer can participate in the events. First it depends on what you are learning and what style of dance interests you. For this article I’m interested in those dance events for:
Country, West Coast Swing, and those that offer some of the alternative dances like Cha Cha, Hustle, Night Club 2 Step, Salsa.

Competitors:  students who want to compete at certain events – you can pick which dance interests you. Do this for the fun of learning and experience and challenge yourself to become the best you.
– Country Style events:  sanction  Country 2 Step, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Night Club 2 Step, Cha Cha, Triple Two, Polka, East Coast Swing
– West Coast Swing: sanctions WCS
– Alternative events: will offer competition in WCS, Cha, Night Club 2, Salsa, Hustle

Pro/Am:  student competes in his/her level with a professional to rehearsed combinations. Student is scored and rated.
Jack and Jills: Students compete but they do not know which partner they will dance with or to which song. This is randomly chosen on the dance floor. Points are acquired and recorded.  Focus is on lead and follow technique  and it’s very exciting. J&J’s can be Pro/Am (Pro’s are those often judging the event0  or Am/Am.
Strictly Swing:  Two dancers of similar dance ability and skill level- you select your partner and dance style  but not the music.
Group dancers can also compete or showcase their routines.

Age Levels:
Open (age over 18)
Crystal (age over 30)
Diamond (age over 40)
Silver (age over 50)
Gold (age over 60)
Platinum (age over 70)

Young adult ( 14-17)
Sophisticated ( age over 35)
Masters ( age over 50)

If competing scares the shoes off your feet – you can still participate in the many workshops that are offered and the open dances offered. Not to mention the fabulous dinner shows and high level pro shows.  These events usually run from a Thurs to Sunday with so many options of dance to choose from. I hope this year you join us and find yourself participating in some of the many local competitions.

Maybe you are including this in your goals for this year! If you have questions please feel free to contact me. I an currently looking for those interested in competing and polishing up on their skills.